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Here is a summary of what Zarina is currently working on:

The Rational Female: a non-fiction book that shall provide the in-depth truth about Feminism, thus destroying it forever, and presenting a new, pro-female, non-political option for women. The book shall be split into two sections: the first section shall explain why Feminism is a lie, and the second section shall be advocating for a new women's movement. This new women's movement shall be for all women this time (including working women, disabled women, women of colour, wives, mothers, etc) instead of just Western left-wing women. The philosophy of women's advocacy shall be a universal philosophy that shall resonate mostly with modern young women, emphasising a love of one's womanhood, a celebration of the feminine spirit, and allyship and commraderie with men.

Release date approx. October 2024.

Author First Publishing: this is a self-publishing platform run by and for authors with the goal of replacing Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon does not respect self-published authors. In early 2023, Amazon locked Zarina's account for three months, meaning that she could not log in to her KDP account. Upon reading stories of other authors who had had their accounts deleted or frozen without reason, Zarina decided that once she had the means, she would create a self-publishing platform that actually supported and rewarded authors instead of punishing them. This platform shall be not-for-profit, with internal money only going in to keep the platform running (either through commision or donation). Authors shall keep most of their money, and there shall be no artistic censorship and no corporate greed.

If you are an author interested in this, please join our Facebook group here.

Aiming to launch in 2024.

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