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Zarina delivers a raw sound that I can only call 'street punk', with songs that combine her unique, quirky observations on life with an angular guitar driven sound that hits hard! A real ball of frantic female energy!

- Tim Hawes, UK Songwriter and Tutor at the Academy of Contemporary Music

Zarina has a strong guitar style and a passionate voice and her songwriting dives deeply into a wide variety of subjects. Her performances are confident and passionate, encompassing many musical styles and genres whilst retaining her own uniqueness.

- Louisa Le Marchand, Project Manager of Global Fusion Music and Arts

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Bursting with passion, energy and confidence, Zarina Macha exudes exciting performances that you can't help but dance to. A combination of funk, soul and R&B with rock and punk elements has created a thriving sound filled with attitude. Strong and emotional vocal sounds ring from her voice, coupled by upbeat rhythmic guitar strums. 

Since Autumn 2017 she has been working with the brilliant SHARD drummer David Everard who has also played bass with her and done backing vocals. She worked for a year with Everard and Jacob Henry, a highly competent bassist and drummer. The two played drums and bass guitar on her debut EP 'Fire', which is available on a range of digital platforms including iTunes and Spotify. They met at The Academy of Contemporary Music where Macha recently completed her degree in Songwriting and Creative Artistry.

Macha is currently working with Everard as a drummer and backing vocalist and John Sullivan, a proficient bassist. Although previously just gigging under her name, Macha is now gigging under the name 'Zarina and The Elements' to encompass the musical elements her backing instrumentalists bring to her songs and performances.

FIRE -EP (released 2019)

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Left: Heart of Fire with the band at ACM Student Union, Guildford.

Please check the calendar to see Zarina's upcoming music events 

Note: At this time Zarina is not playing gigs due to focusing on her books and creative writing.

Do check out the EP to the left which is available to stream on most digital platforms.

Click here for Zarina's YouTube music playlist.

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Live Music
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Music Festival

Zarina's music blog reviews the work of musical artists and posts about her experiences and thoughts on the music industry.

*Due to other writing commitments, this blog is no longer being updated with new content.*

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