A Collection of Two Novellas

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Published July 2018

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Dark, gripping, and unsettling at times, this psychological drama spins two tales of troubled teens; schizophrenic Tess and psychopathic Evelyn.
Recommended for mature readers aged fourteen and over who enjoy intense young-adult books about mental illness.

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If you like Carrie, Gone Girl or American Psycho, this book might be for you. 


- KJ Evans, kjevanswriter.com


I enjoyed the unrequited nature of the love story at the centre of Every Last Thought, and felt it balanced some of the darker themes pretty well.

-Petrina Binney, petrinabinney.com

Both stories reflect deeply on the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment of a mental disorder...perfect book to understand the significance of human psychology in the form of two intriguing tales.


- Ankita Shukla, Readers' Favorite

These are outstanding stories written with Hemingway-esque sparseness and honesty. 

 - Robert J. Fanshawe, author of 'The Cellist's Frien

There are few books that take the brave step of expressing mental illness directly from character to reader in the way that Zarina Macha does here.

 - Steph Warren, bookshineandreadbows.wordpress.com

Both stories are fairly dark and include somewhat mature themes, however Macha handles it in such a way that I believe her stories can still be enjoyed by a wide audience.

 - C.M Fritzen, cmfritzenbooks.com

I thought that Macha was a very good writer and managed to get into the head of her protagonists very well.

- Amy Buckle, amybucklesbookshelf.co.uk

It is very much worth the read and a four-star in my book. Thank you again, Zarina for writing this. It was for sure a pleasure to read it.


- Zephyr Twiss, zephyrsbookshelf



Every Last Psycho contains two tales of two girls; schizophrenic Tess and psychopathic Evelyn.

Every Last Thought:
Sixteen-year-old Tess Davis suffers from schizophrenia, triggered six years ago by the onset of her twin brother’s death. She’s felt broken ever since. But when new guy Ed moved to her school two years ago, life gave her a reason to live joyously. Ed made her happy, becoming the friend she needed. But she didn’t plan to fall in love with him, and love isn’t always requited. 
Distraught by Ed’s new girlfriend and a horrific trauma Tess endures, she finds herself spiraling out of control and into cocaine-fueled delusions. Will she be able to regain a grip on life?

Psycho Girl:
Eighteen-year-old Evelyn Baxter is beautiful, confident, popular and well off. Everyone loves her; her friends, her family, her boyfriend. She is all set to apply to the University of Cambridge to study Law. 
But when another girl in her year gets accepted into Cambridge and she doesn’t, Evelyn’s perfect mask starts to peel away. Murder, deceit and manipulation show Evelyn to be the monster she truly is. But will those around her realize it? 


eBook ISBN: 978-1-9161326-3-4
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9161326-2-7