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Diana Vale is the romance author pen name that Zarina writes under. In 2021 she published eleven single romance novellas, and four more in 2022, available in eBook and paperback form. She also created six boxsets and two duets. She is planning on publishing three more romance novellas in 2023.

Her Kirk Uni-Verse consists of three main series: the Kirk University series (heterosexual couples), the Kirk Guys series (m/m couples), and the Kirk Gals series (f/f couples). All books take place at the charming fictitious city of Kirk in northern England (based on the real-life University of York).

Click either of the book covers below to sign up to the Diana Vale mailing list. Both stories are free downloads via StoryOrigin.

Tempting Desire: a short erotic romance story about Brian and Eliana, two second-year students.

Upstairs, Downstairs: a short erotic m/m romance story about Vid and Theon, two first-year students.

Tempting Desire eBook Cover.jpg


The Kirk University books are the m/f (male-female) part of the Kirk Uni-Verse. They contain stories of young students at university who meet and fall for one-another. The first book in the series, Professor Valentine, is available to purchase on Amazon for free. Click any of the images to be re-directed to the books purchasing page.

There are two suggested reading orders, depending on how you wish to read the series. The first order is character-based, the second order is publication-based. For the character-based order, purchasing the duets or Cassie-and-Diego trilogy boxset is recommended.

Recommended Reading Order #1:

Professor Valentine, Forever Valentine, I Dream of Cassie, Last Night, Cabin Fever, Capture Us, Finally There, Not You

Recommended Reading Order #2:

Professor Valentine, Last Night, Capture Us, Finally There, Not You, Forever Valentine, Cabin Fever, I Dream of Cassie

Below are the single eBooks.

Below are the duets for Cassie & Diego (containing Professor Valentine and Forever Valentine) and Saskia & Malik (containing Last Night and Cabin Fever). The duets are better value for money than the single eBooks.


Cassie & Diego 3-Boxed-Set PNG.png


The Kirk Guys books are the m/m (male-male) part of the Kirk Uni-Verse. They can be ready in any order. The series currently contains six standalone books available in eBook and paperback form. Three boxsets are also available below.



The Kirk Gals series contains f/f couples. There is currently only one book in the series, although more will likely come in the future. Here is the blurb for this one:

Nina and Nessa couldn’t be more different. While Nina is a wild party girl who blows money on clothes and drinks she can barely afford, Nessa is a serious feminist involved in every student activist society on campus.

Yet when they meet, fierce friendship and passion brings them together.

Can they set aside their differences and make things work?

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