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Zarina Macha is an award-winning independent author of five books under her name. In 2021, her young adult novel Anne won the international Page Turner Book Award for fiction.

She began publishing her work in 2018 while completing a degree in Songwriting and Creative Artistry from The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford. Her three published YA fiction works are Every Last Psycho (2018), a compilation of two novellas that deal with heavy trauma and mental illness; Anne (2019), a coming-of-age novel about domestic violence, and Around Midnight (2020), a novel about an emotionally abusive teenage relationship.

She has also published two poetry volumes; Art is a Waste of Time (2018) and Single Broke Female (2019). Both explore the essence of womanhood, including sexuality, femininity, and emotional angst. She regular performs her poetry at various functions in London, including Poetry Unplugged, the Farrago Slam, and the Global Fusion Music & Arts Spoken Word events.

Macha also writes contemporary new adult romance under the pen name Diana Vale. Her Kirk University books are standalone stories about students who find love at university. This fictitious university is based on the real-life University of York in northern England where Macha briefly attended prior to ACM.

Macha is most active on YouTube where she regularly uploads lively and informative content about her books, writing process, and day-to-day life. Visit her channel to stay updated on her work.

She currently resides in her hometown of London, UK.


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Born and raised in North London, UK; Zarina Macha (pronounced 'matcha') is a musician and writer with a thirst for knowledge and a love of entertaining. From a young age she loved to write stories and poetry, and was given her first diary by her mother at the age of six. Macha rightly describes words as her passion. She has a deep love of books, and finds it hard to think about anything else when her head is stuck inside a good story.

Macha's love of words led her to pursue songwriting at the age of ten. She began to learn guitar while in primary school, and started to put chords to words after being inspired by the character of Addie Singer on Nickelodeon teen drama 'Unfabulous.' Macha's father, Frederick Macha (a musician and writer who hails from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania) inspired her to start learning the guitar, and it was from then that she began to work on her musical craft. Her father also gave her vocal lessons in her teens and she continues to hone her vocal prowess.

Between 2016 and 2018 Macha attended The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, where she studied Songwriting and Creative Artistry and graduated with a degree in Music Industry Practice. She currently gigs as a funk-rock trio with two supporting musicians on drums and bass which includes David Everard, drummer for metal band SHARD (more information about this can be found in the 'Music' Tab). While at ACM she also developed her drumming skills, making the drum kit her second instrument after the guitar.

Macha started 'The Zarina Macha Blog' in 2017, where she regularly writes her opinions on a range of topics including feminism, psychology, Game of Thrones, movies, religion, relationships and much more. This can be found in the 'Blog' link in the menu. Macha also started a music blog later that year (as suggested by her father) where she reviewed the work of musical artists and has also written a few music-related posts.

In July 2018 Macha released her debut fictional book Every Last Psycho: A Collection of Two Novellas on Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing. More information can be found on this in the 'Books' Tab. Macha has also released her first collection of poems titled Art is a Waste of Time: Poetry Collection. 

Macha's debut EP 'Fire' is available on a range of digital streaming platforms including Spotify and iTunes. Her third novel, Anne, was released June 2019. Her second poetry book and fourth published book, Single Broke Female: Poetry Collection, was released July 2019. Her third novel and fifth published work, Around Midnight, was released January 2020.

In 2021 she embarked on writing romance under the pen name Diana Vale. Her Kirk University series is a new adult romance series that follows various students who find love at university. A different couple is featured each time, with some recurring characters. The eponymous university is based on the real-life University of York in northern England where Macha briefly attended prior to ACM. More information about the series can be found under 'Other Work.'

Macha can be found on AuthorTube where she releases YouTube videos every Friday discussing her writing and publishing process for each of her books.