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Zarina Macha is an author, blogger, poet, musician, and YouTuber from London, UK. She has currently self-published twenty-one books: six under her name and fifteen as Diana Vale. In 2021, her young adult novel Anne won the international Page Turner Book Award for fiction. In 2023 she released Tic Tac Toe, a young adult dystopian novel that depicts a cultural Marxist society and satirises wokeism, identity politics, and political correctness.

She began publishing her work in 2018 while completing a degree in Songwriting and Creative Artistry from The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford. Her three published YA fiction works are Every Last Psycho (2018), a compilation of two novellas that deal with heavy trauma and mental illness; Anne (2019), a coming-of-age novel about domestic violence, and Around Midnight (2020), a novel about an emotionally abusive teenage relationship.

She has also published two poetry volumes; Art is a Waste of Time (2018) and Single Broke Female (2019). Both explore the essence of womanhood, including sexuality, femininity, and emotional angst. She has performed her poetry at various functions in London, including Poetry Unplugged, the Farrago Slam, and the Global Fusion Music & Arts Spoken Word events.

In 2021 Macha began writing contemporary new adult romance under the pen name Diana Vale. Her Kirk University books are standalone stories about students who find love at university. This fictitious university is based on the real-life University of York in northern England where Macha briefly attended prior to ACM.

Macha has two YouTube channels: Zarina Macha Author, where she makes videos about her books and writing process, and The Rational Female, where she criticises Feminism. She identifies as an anti-Feminist women’s advocate, egalitarian and humanitarian. She believes in freedom, justice, and human rights for all, and seeks to protect free speech at all costs. She is also strongly against the use of sensitivity readers in fiction.

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Zarina Bahati Ndeana Macha (pronounced 'matcha') was born on the 11th June, 1997, in North London, UK. Her father, musician and The Citizen columnist Freddy Macha, hails from the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Her mother is a British-born yoga teacher of Indian descent, from the Himalayan mountains. She has two wonderful siblings: a younger brother and older sister (who is of partial German descent). Both are musically accomplished.

From a young age, Macha loved to write stories and poetry, and at the age of six her mother gave her a silver Aristocats “Marie” diary. Macha’s love of cats stems from childhood, and her deep spiritual connection to the cat has echoed throughout her life.

Macha spent much of her childhood writing stories, poems, and reading books, as well as making up games with her brother. Her favourite author was Jacqueline Wilson, a classic of English children’s literature that focuses on female social issues such as family and mental illness. This became a huge inspiration for Macha’s fiction, especially her novel Anne. Macha also adored a selection of other authors as a child, including Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Narinder Dhami, Lucy Daniels, Zizou Corder, Francesca Simon, Louise Rennison, Dick King-Smith, Michael Morpugo, and Anne Fine. Her current favourite authors as an adult are Stephen King, Louise O'Neill, John Niven, Liane Moriarty, and George R R Martin.

As a child, Macha had two poems published in children’s book compilations: My Favourite Things: Life Little Treasures by Annabell Cook, and Little Laureates 2008 by Mark Richardson.

Her love of words led her to pursue songwriting at the age of ten. Inspired by her father, she began to learn the guitar while in primary school. She began putting musical chords to words, drawing from the character of Addie Singer on Nickelodeon teen drama Unfabulous. She began developing her musical craft with her father’s help, and he also gave her vocal lessons in her teens.

She and her brother partook in frequent musical and drama extra-curriculars as teenagers at Hoxton Hall in Hoxton, London. She was involved in Hoxton Street Casting, and Hoxton Music, Dance, and Drama activities. She also began making YouTube videos in 2012 at the age of fifteen, largely posting videos of her playing music as well as comedy sketches.

Macha studied A Level Film Studies, History, and Psychology. She left with grades AAB. While at sixth form, she applied to the University of Cambridge to read philosophy and gained an interview at King’s College, although did not gain a place, and so instead chose to attend the University of York. During sixth form she wrote for the school paper and was briefly involved in the Feminist Society. Macha became aware of much of the culturally neo-progressive bias that was prominent in her school and the mainstream media, which she felt was exclusionary to those who don't conform to this way of thinking.

Macha attended York for a brief period in late 2015. That same year of 2016 she applied to The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, which she studied at until 2018. While there, she studied Songwriting and Creative Artistry and graduated with a degree in Music Industry Practice.

Macha gigged at university with a funk-rock trio with two supporting musicians on drum and bass. While at ACM she also developed her drumming skills, making the drum kit her second instrument after the guitar. She also recorded a four-track EP titled “Fire”. She has not gigged since 2019, but hopes to resume musical ventures from 2024.

Macha started “The Zarina Macha Blog” in 2017, where she shared her opinions on a range of politically controversial topics, and also softer topics like movies, psychology, self-help, and TV shows. Macha became concerned at the rise of cultural Marxist ideologies among her generation, and the affects they were having on the mainstream media. She also disliked the vilification of those who supported President Trump. She wrote a blog post titled “Why So Much Hate Against Donald Trump?” in 2017, however has since taken the post down, which she regrets. She also started a music blog called “Zari Does Music” that same year (as suggested by her father), where she reviewed and promoted the work of local musical artists. She no longer posts there but the articles are still available.

In 2018, Macha self-published her debut fiction book Every Last Psycho: A Collection of Two Novellas on Amazon, via Kindle Direct Publishing. That same year she published Art is a Waste of Time: Poetry Collection. In 2019 she published her second novel Anne, and her second poetry collection Single Broke Female. In 2020 she published her fifth book and third novel Around Midnight.

In 2021, she embarked on writing romance under the pen name Diana Vale. Her Kirk University series is a new adult romance series that follows various students who find love at university. She dubs it the Kirk Uni-Verse, as it contains three distinct series: one with heterosexual couple, one with gay male couples, and one with lesbian couples. Some characters re-occur in each book. The eponymous university is based on Macha's former brief alma mata, the University of York.

​Macha also created an AuthorTube channel in 2021 where she released videos talking about her books and writing process. She was creating videos and writing books while living at home with her mother on benefits due to her reoccurring panic attacks, which worsened during the covid pandemic.

​In late 2021, Macha won the Page Turner Awards Book Award for Fiction for Anne. Macha’s prize was that they would fund the editing and cover design for whichever next book she wanted to publish, as well as promote it on their website and to their newsletter followers. Macha decided that she would use this for Tic Tac Toe, a novel she has been working on since 2018. She released Tic Tac Toe in 2023, and hopes this novel will help people wake-up to the problems currently plaguing the contemporary social zeitgeist. It depicts a dystopian cultural Marxist society, foreshadowing a terrifying future Macha does not want to see passed down to future generations.

​Macha created Non-Feminist Gal in 2022, technically her fourth YouTube channel. The channel was renamed The Rational Female in 2023, inspired by The Rational Male, with the idea that a philosophy of women being more rational and pro-female rather than pro-Feminism can help women move away from Feminism. On this channel she documents the problems with Feminism and discusses much of the lies that Feminism has taught women. These include the lies that Feminism is about gender equality, that Feminism is responsible for women’s equal rights and voting rights, or that Feminism has played any role whatsoever in helping women’s lives. Macha has also written some articles for anti-Feminist blog “Feminist Fallacy”, and has also interviewed notable professor Janice Fiamengo on her YouTube channel. Her political stance up until March 2023 was classical liberalism, however she now rejects liberalism and no longer subscribes to liberal ideologies.

​Macha is tired of seeing people who think outside the box being vilified and slurred as ‘bigots' and ‘conspiracy theorists.’ She is tired of seeing people being cancelled and thrown in prison for daring to speak up, and views this as barbaric and misanthropic. She is tired of racism and bigotry and the vilification of white people by the mainstream media, just as she is tired of the same bigotry geared towards black and brown people. She is proud of her mixed heritage and proud of being a woman, not a ‘person who menstruates.’ She is tired of people of colour constantly labelled as ‘oppressed’ and put-down by cultural Marxist ideologies. She simply wants to see a world where everyone is proud of their ethnicity, racial background and culture. She does not support the cancellation and suppression of free speech, nor does she support a small globalist cabal telling everyone else what to do.

​Macha does not have any hatred in her heart towards anybody. She is a defender of social justice, freedom, and human rights. She is tired of people like herself cruelly slandered by the mainstream media for thinking outside the box. She is tired of the vilification of anyone who doesn’t conform to the mainstream. She is tired of seeing good-hearted people who simply want to have a voice being put-down. She hopes to one day see a world that is economically prosperous, technologically advanced, open-minded, caring and uplifting creativity.

​She also would have voted for Trump twice.

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