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I have been actively critiquing Feminism since 2017 on my blog. My general evolution began from identifying as a liberal feminist in my teens, to being more critical of contemporary feminism in my early twenties, to now being fully 100% anti-Feminist. You'll be hard pressed to find a woman who despises Feminism more than I do. I loathe Feminism with every inch of my body, and hold Feminism largely responsible for many of the hardships that young men and women of my generation are currently facing. Feminism is one of the worst things to happen to men and women in the West. The more I study Feminism, the more I despise it, and look forward to the day when the Feminist movement is completely destroyed.

Many are brainwashed into believing that Feminism is all about equality of the sexes, or that it was once some noble movement that has suddenly gone bad. Unfortunately, Feminism has always been an extremely bigoted, racist, misanthropic, hateful movement with one clear goal: the destruction of unity and wholesomeness between the sexes. It is a female supremacist movement that advocates for a small group of extremely privileged, (usually) white, bitter women to hold social power over the rest of the population. Nowhere has this been more prevalent than in academia, with contemporary Western academia currently rife with Feminist propaganda.

Contrary to what the mainstream media may think, my hatred for Feminism has got nothing to do with believing that women 'belong in the kitchen' or that women don't deserve any rights. It's extremely manipulative to cite 'female power'as synonymous with Feminism. I have always believed that women are strong, capable, and can do whatever they put their minds to. I have always been a fiercely driven and determined women (I'm a self-published author for heavens' sake). Plenty of other non-Feminist women, such as Phyllis Schlafly and Margaret Thatcher, have believed the same. My mother, my AA sponsor, my therapist -- all strong women, and none are Feminists. I love and honour the strengths of women, and owe none of these strengths to Feminism.


I have several articles and countles videos heavily critiquing Feminism and also explaining why I am not a Feminist. I shall give a brief summary here of the four main reasons why I despise Feminism:

Firstly, I hate how Feminism routinely demonises and belittles men. Two of the most important people in my life, my father and my brother, are men. I have never once viewed men as my enemy or seen men as misogynistic oppressors of women. I believe that men and women are equally important and made to compliment one another. It's heartbreaking to see how much modern men in the West have become spiritually broken as a result of Feminism demonising masculinity. Masculine and feminine energy are vital life forces, and it's through harnessing and utilising these energies that we grow as people and remain spiritually connected to the Source. To cite one as better/worse than the other is absurd. Feminists don't care about men's issues at all, they repeatedly cite men's rights activism as 'misogyny' and ignore the struggles that men go through, not to mention blame 'straight white males' for every social atrocity. What's worse is that when they do this, they are congratulated, rather than viewed as the highly sexist bigots that they are.

Secondly, Feminism does not empower women. It does not encourage female agency, responsibility, or teach women how to become better people, how to love our womanhood, how to utilise our feminine strengths, or encourage any sort of positive feminine growth. The first rule of Feminism is "be angry at the patriarchy." Feminists love blaming their problems on society and the invented patriarchy rather than teaching women to become masters of our own destines. According to Feminists, I am 'oppressed' because I am a woman and I am brown. What nonsense. They clearly want women to be losers and for brown people to still be slaves.

Thirdly, Feminism was not created for women of colour. The Feminist movement has had an appalling history of berating black and brown people, right from Elizabeth Cady Stanton, to the Suffragettes, and to the '60s Feminist movement which used the African-American Civil Rights movement to gain momentum (thanks, Friedan). American activist Shahazad Ali rightly stated that "Feminism was about a fight between the white woman and her man." I couldn't agree more, although sadly it's made the white woman turn against her man. Thanks to Feminism, modern Western women now despise and fear their own men. Women from non-Western cultures should not be following suit and imitating this insanity. Feminism had nothing to do with us, and I'm tired of people of colour being used by white neo-progressives to fight their tiresome battles. They enjoy putting us down and calling us 'oppressed' instead of allowing us to be masters of our own destinies. As a woman of colour, there's nothing in Feminism for me. If Feminism was for all women, then Womanism never would have been created. (As for intersectional Feminism, this is just a con by neo-progressives to group people's issues altogether rather than allow for individual issues to be focused on. Not to mention, it's now working to erase the identify of women by wanting to call women 'people who menstruate', so cheers for that.)


Fourthly, Feminism has not helped or contributed to women's lives in any way. I could forgive all the above if Feminism had actually done something positive for women, but it hasn't at all. Voting rights were about democratic reform for the working-class, and most men prior to the first world war did not have the right to vote. Contraception was invented by men. Equal pay was ushered in as more women joined the workforce as a result of contraception invented by men. All of the so-called great things that Feminism has allegedly done for women actually came from advancements in technology, scientific and digital innovations, and shifting social attitudes. Feminism has done nothing to help women (my deep research into Feminism led me to this shocking fact). We keep being taught that it has, but this is all a lie. All it's done is create a gynocentric culture where there's a lack of empathy towards 50% of the human population. The way that Feminists treat men is no different to how white people used to view black people in America. It's crazy how anyone can continue to allow this blatant bigotry.

What is the solution to this terrible thing that never should have been created? I believe that a new women's movement can actually solve the problems of Feminism. A women's movement that is rooted in empowering women, and including all women (not just women on the extreme left), and most importantly, encourages and appreciates the men's movement as well. A women's movement that can work alongside the men's movement, so that both sexes can gain human rights and justice.

I don't doubt that there are many of self-described Feminists out there who do want to help women, and perhaps aren't aware of the true hateful nature of Feminism. Since Feminism has brainwashed millions of women over the decades into believing that it's all about 'equal rights for women', many women sadly think there's no way to advocate for women's rights without being a Feminist.

But there is. You can become a women's advocate instead. I identify as a women's advocate, an egalitarian, and a humanitarian. All of these are focused on uplifting the female spirit and actually supporting women without blaming 50% of the population for everything and putting them down. I want to help women and end genuine issues facing women worldwide like female genital mutilation and domestic violence. However, I don't want to do this by blaming the 'patriarchy' or buying into hateful Feminist propaganda.

I welcome any woman or man who wants to advocate for women without aligning themselves with misandric poison. Hopefully five years from now, Feminism will be dead, and we can have a real women's movement that celebrates and empowers women without demonising men. I currently have a subreddit for this which you an join below, and plan on working towards bringing this into fruititon. I am currently working on a book called The Rational Female which I'm hoping shall be the women's advocates equivalent of The Feminine Mystique. A pro-female movement that is anti-Feminism.

The future is ours. Let's make women and men great again.

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In 2022 I created the YouTube channel "Non-Feminist Gal" to start making videos to try and educate people on Feminism. The videos are all based on my own research and are really there to help people see the lies of Feminism and stop being brainwashed by Feminist propaganda. I also interviewed the amazing professor Janice Fiamengo on my channel in March 2023.

I changed the name to "The Rational Female" in 2023 after reading Rollo Tomassi's book The Rational Male. I thought to myself that there needs to be something like this for women. Something that encourages female resilience and confidence, and teaches us to tap into our rational sides. Since women are typically more emotion-driven than men, this could be very positive.

As mentioned above, I'm planning to release a non-fiction book called The Rational Female hopefully in late 2023 to kick-start a new pro-female anti-Feminist movement. The first half of the book shall be a heavy critique of Feminism, and the second half shall lay out a new future positive roadmap for women to follow that focuses on female empowerment and thinking more rationally and pragmatically.

A selection of some of my videos are available below.

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