Single Broke Female: Poetry Collection

Second poetry collection by Zarina Macha, published 2019. Delves into themes of relationships and femininity using dry wit and satire.

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Single Broke Female: Poetry Collection (Paperback)

  • Zarina Macha struggles to make ends meet as a writer and musician living in 21st century London. Hopping between part-time lovers and jobs, she lives off the charity of student loans and her mother. 

    One day, she decides to take a chance and self-publish her work, supposedly to charm her way onto people’s bookshelves. Macha wants success, the good life and she’s willing to struggle for it (although not kill or take over someone else’s identity; that could get a little messy). 

    Above all, she wants to share her second poetry collection with those who may enjoy the wits and words she is able to twinkle. (Not to toot her own horn). Stepping into this strange world of independent authors, she embarks on a journey from which there is no going back…