Every Last Psycho: A Collection of Two Novellas


Two tales. Two girls. One hears voices screaming in the shadows; the other burns with self-absorbed hunger.


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Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Social Issues/Drama


Contains graphic depictions of violence, sexual assault, and drug abuse. Minors are advised to read with caution.

Every Last Psycho: A Collection of Two Novellas (Paperback)

  • Every Last Psycho contains two tales of two girls; schizophrenic Tess and psychopathic Evelyn.

    Every Last Thought:
    Sixteen-year-old Tess Davis suffers from schizophrenia, triggered six years ago by the onset of her twin brother’s death. She’s felt broken ever since. But when new guy Ed moved to her school two years ago, life gave her a reason to live joyously. Ed made her happy, becoming the friend she needed. But she didn’t plan to fall in love with him, and love isn’t always requited. 
    Distraught by Ed’s new girlfriend and a horrific trauma Tess endures, she finds herself spiraling out of control and into cocaine-fueled delusions. Will she be able to regain a grip on life?

    Psycho Girl:
    Eighteen-year-old Evelyn Baxter is beautiful, confident, popular and well off. Everyone loves her; her friends, her family, her boyfriend. She is all set to apply to the University of Cambridge to study Law. 
    But when another girl in her year gets accepted into Cambridge and she doesn’t, Evelyn’s perfect mask starts to peel away. Murder, deceit and manipulation show Evelyn to be the monster she truly is. But will those around her realize it? 

    Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9161326-2-7